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Housing Discrimination

Idaho Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination in real estate transactions which is based on: race, sex, national origin, color, religion, and disability.

Idaho Law Applies To All Real Estate Transactions, Including:

What Housing Is Covered?

The Idaho Law covers most housing, including single rentals, houses, and duplexes. An exemption is made for an owner occupied duplex.

Who Is Covered?

Discrimination Can Occur:

When Do I File A Charge?

A charge must be filed with the Idaho Human Rights Commission within one year of the incident date of harm. The Commission can act promptly to verify many kinds of discrimination in these situations and to get relief for the person subjected to such acts.

How To File A Charge Of Housing Discrimination:

If you believe that your housing rights have been violated, you may write a letter or telephone the Human Rights Commission at: Contact the Commission

Federal Law prohibits certain forms of housing discrimination. The Commission can refer you to the nearest H.U.D. office, if appropriate.


Retaliation against an individual who has engaged in a protected activity is unlawful. "Protected activity" means opposing conduct which a person, in good faith, reasonably believes to be unlawful under the anti-discrimination statutes or participating in Commission proceedings, which are set up for the enforcement of the anti-discrimination statutes.