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Our purpose

To secure for all individuals in Idaho freedom from discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age (40 and older) and disability.

To investigate complaints by individuals who claim they have experienced a discriminatory practice in the areas of employment, housing, education and public accommodations.

To provide for execution within Idaho of the policies embodied in federal civil rights laws.

The Idaho Commission on Human Rights is appointed by the Governor. Read more about the Commission in Title 67, Chapter 59, Idaho Code.

Our mission

The Idaho Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is an independent agency established by the Idaho legislature to help protect persons within the state from illegal discrimination. The IHRC also handles complaints under federal law deferred to them by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).


  • Brian Scigliano  President  Boise
  • Estella Zamora  Vice President  Caldwell
  • Hyrum Erickson, J.D.  Commissioner  Rexburg
  • Paul M. Jagosh  Commissioner  Boise
  • Evelyn Johnson  Commissioner  Boise
  • David Kim, M.D.  Commissioner  Boise, Stanley
  • Joe B. McNeal  Commissioner – Mountain Home
  • Megan Ronk – Commissioner  Boise
  • Kevin C. Settles  Commissioner  Boise

Staff listing

  • Benjamin Earwicker, J.D., Ph.D.  Administrator
  • Rick Rhodes  Senior Civil Rights Investigator
  • Carmen Barney  Senior Civil Rights Investigator
  • Vanessa Rodriguez  Bilingual Civil Rights Investigator
  • Gael Martin-Lee, J.D.  Civil Rights Investigator
  • Ross Schellhaas  Civil Rights Investigator
  • Coline McConnel, Ph.D.  Civil Rights Investigator
  • Stephen Maier, J.D.  Civil Rights Investigator
  • Joanna Magdaleno  Administrative Assistant 2
  • Theresa Hardy – Technical Records Specialist 2


Respect for the principles of civil rights laws. We are committed that each investigation and case decision made by the Commission is based on an impartial and accurate analysis of the available facts and the law and no other influence.

Respect for all the people with whom we deal. We will listen to people, respond to their concerns in a timely manner, affirm what we can and if we disagree, we will do so with honesty, knowledge, explanation and care.

Public service. Being a part of the Commission’s work is a privilege. We understand and accept its challenges and are rewarded by knowing that we are working together to make Idaho a better place to live. We perform each of our jobs to the best of our ability, assist co-workers in doing their jobs, enjoy the diversity of backgrounds and ideas that make up the staff and commissioners and work at all times to be an effective and professional team.

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