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It is a prohibited act under the Idaho Human Rights Act (IHRA) for an educational institution to discriminate against a person because of or on a basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

According to the IHRA, this includes the following:

(a) To exclude, expel, limit or otherwise discriminate against an individual seeking admission as a student or an individual enrolled as a student in the terms, conditions and privileges of the institution or

(b) To make or use a written or oral inquiry or form of application for admission that elicits or attempts to elicit information or to make or keep a record of an applicant for admission, except as permitted by the regulations of the commission,

(c) To print or publish or cause to be printed or published a catalogue or other notice or advertisement indicating a preference, limitation, specification, discrimination of an applicant for admission or

(d) To announce or follow a policy of denial or limitation through a quota or otherwise of educational opportunities of a group or its members.

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